About me:

During the day, I'm a mobile game software engineer at Electronic Arts where I create new products in the Free-To-Play space. One result is MONOPOLY Slots, the company's first casino slots title for iOS, Google Play, and Kindle.

Previously, I was a game developer at Playfish where I explored the limits of making games for social networks like Facebook. The result was improvements to the sophisticated NPC AI in The Sims Social, HTML 5 mobile game experiments, and architecting a hidden object game client on Facebook called JetSet Secrets.

I was also a game engineer at Schell Games where I researched, prototyped, developed, and managed various projects for different clients. These included interactive theme park attractions, Nintendo Wii and DS titles, Facebook games, and additional content for MMORPGs.

When I have some spare time, I test independent games. Some of these include Emerald City Confidential, Gemini Rue, The Blackwell series, The Ben Jordan Series, Jolly Rover, Gesundheit!, and the iOS version of OSMOS. In other words, I get to play these games before everyone else does!

For a while, I was a web developer and I still try to remain caught up with web standards. This page is HTML5 valid!

I have a Master's degree in Entertainment Technology from Carnegie Mellon University where I learned a lot about creating great experiences, interdisciplinary teamwork, game and interaction design, 3D modelling, and improv acting.

Prior to that, I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Arkansas where I also managed to get a Minor in Art and spent a lot of my time at the college television station (UATV) as a studio technical director.

Oh, and I speak Spanish, too!

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